This blog is a culmination of stories from my personal life, events and adventures I’ve traversed,  ideas about current news and events, information I have researched, and feelings, emotions, and random thoughts I have. I prefer to write about nature and the natural world, art and creativity, my collage of culture, politics, and health and nutrition, communication, humor, the strange and unusual, and of course all relative to what is mind altering. I sometimes like to write in response to current events and issues with friends. It will be a cornucopia of strong beliefs, researched facts and data, questions, and experiences.


I find the extraordinary to be extra intriguing. I like to write in a way that is alluring and provocative. I like to think of ways to be enchanting because that is what I think is most captivating while reading another’s story. My mind works like a kaleidoscope, taking ideas and experiences and arranging them in a changing experimental mosaic. Psychedelia is intended to be mind bending, and enlightening of the mind. With my writing, I hope to enlighten and expand your consciousness. I hope to engage you in some of my trippy adventures, because why else would we take a trip somewhere if we didn’t want it to expand our minds? Why would I share my trip with you, if I didn’t want it to expand your mind? I mean, why do we bother to write anyway?

Psyche-the human soul, mind, or spirit

Psychotropic-affecting mental activity, behavior, or perception

tropic from ‘topos’-greek,  meaning turning, as in turning the mind

Psychotomimetic-capable of effecting mental activity, or producing symptoms of intensified sensory perception

Psychoactive-having a profound or significant effect on mental process

Psychedelic-a mental state characterized by a profound sense of intensified sensory perception.